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4th Grade

What's Happening in 4th Grade

Fourth Grade has gotten off to an exciting start. There were 13 AE (Accelerated English) students who were reassigned, and moved into the 4th Grade Traditional English only class and into the 4th Grade Charter class. These students worked very hard to excel in their studies and are currently being successful in their perspective classes.

Enrichment classes are also in full swing. The classes offered to our 4th grade students are currently: Art, Cardio & Conditioning, Chess, Robotics, Recorders, and P.E. Students look forward to their weekly classes. California History lesson study plans are being made to visit the California Missions Museum in Sonoma on October 30th, as well our annual Fourth Grade field trip to Sacramento, in the spring.

It’s going to be an exciting year!


IMG_1841  4th Grade Photos provide by UR.JPG
9 16 2015 green.jpg
9 16 2015 red poetry.jpg