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5th Grade

What’s New in 5th Grade?

As the fifth grade students in the traditional program at Fitch Mountain Campus near the completion of their elementary years, they continue to be involved in many educational activities in and out of the classroom. In our Common Core math program we are working on Geometry and Volume.  Students are writing Classification: Information State Reports as well as Informational Summary Essays. Accelerated English students are making steady strides in becoming proficient academic English speakers. As we complete our science curriculum, students are studying Earth Science, Weather, the Solar System, and the Water Cycle. To enhance our classroom studies, we will visit Foothill Park to study the science behind weather patterns. Other upcoming events include Puberty Education taught by our school nurse, HJH orientation and tour, Stepping Up for Our Schools and Spring Fling, Chess Tournament, special 5th grade end-of-year activities, and last but not least, 5th grade promotion. A few highlights of our school year have been a PTO sponsored field trip to the beautiful Sonoma State University campus where we enjoyed the challenge of a Climbing Wall and Low Ropes Course, and had the opportunity to get a glimpse of what it might be like to be university students; a trip to Wells Fargo Center for the Arts to experience a living history Lewis and Clark performance; a tour of the Charles Schulz Museum and cartooning lesson; and ice skating at Snoopy’s Home Ice. It’s been a productive year full of learning and fun.